Home, Garden and Personal Accessories MADE IN THE USA


Purchasing products made in the USA supports the local economies and small family owned businesses. Your purchase of an item made in the USA is not just a purchase that supports the business you bought the item from, but also the economies of all the suppliers that provided materials and services required to make and sell the item and to keep that business running. Your impact is not just at the point of purchase but is far reaching. We truly appreciate and are grateful for your continued business! 

Looking for products made in the USA? We go to many art shows during the year and find the coolest products made by the most awesome artists and we're so excited to share the works of these small business entrepreneurs with our online shoppers. You can find some of these products here on our website by choosing the "SHOP" tab above and then select "MADE IN THE USA". Also don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/naturalaccentsartshow to view pictures of fun shows to attend, learn about the artists we get to hang out with, awesome items we discover and how to purchase them, along with coupon codes and other fun stuff! 

There's nothing better than giving or receiving something that is made from the hearts and hands of American artists!