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  • Papa Ray's Triple Chocolate Scone Mix

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    Just add butter, sour cream and milk. Talk about chocolate! Look at the ingredients...semi-sweet chocolate chips, Dutch cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips...OMG! Who can't resist a little...or a lot...of chocolate morning, noon, or night! You'll definitely be coming back for more. Makes 8 to 12 scones. Packaged in a white bag. Shipping weight 1.5 lbs.

    Make ahead tip: The cut, unbaked scones can be refrigerated up to 24 hours and frozen up to 1 month. Put them in the freezer and then just bake a couple at a time for yourself or have them baking in the oven when company arrives and they'll think you've been slaving in the kitchen! These scones are awesome! 


    Ray and Monik own Papa Ray's MarketPlace and they make a line of gourmet European recipe scones, pancake/waffle mixes, cornbread mixes and biscuit mixes. Their products are all handmade from the finest quality ingredients available.

    Papa Ray's was established in 2006 and has been providing unique and innovative products in the gourmet gift food business ever since. Their products are derived from family recipes, some from Monik's German heritage and some from their own catering recipes. Our booths at shows are often near each other so they keep giving us samples...amazing scones!