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  • Hand Built Pottery Wall Vase and Bloom Vase Trio

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    SIZE: WALL VASES 3.75"T X 2.5"W X 1.5"D...BLOOM VASE 3"T X 2"W X 1.5"D. 


    As a lifelong perfectionist, I’ve discovered I fall in love with my art that is the least perfect. It’s not perfect in so many ways and at the same time is perfectly imperfect….and maybe that’s why I connect to each piece because I feel I am perfectly imperfect (with the emphasis on “I”!). Along with a million other things, our “imperfections” are what make us different. They add character, beauty, and texture to our lives if we accept them as a positive attribute. My vase shapes are a bit haphazard (but if you turn them a certain way it will show at least one side that looks vertical…or close to it). My drippy glaze tops run astray with a variety of colors. My seams don’t follow a straight path. With all that said, I believe whatever each vase holds will become more beautiful because of it.

    Each vase is water tight (unless otherwise noted). These small wall vases can hold sprigs of delicate flowers. The bloom vase is perfect for a single bloom or a few delicate flower sprigs or short lavender display. Can also be used functionally for cotton swabs, matches, etc. Use your imagination!

    Please note the finish type noted on this particular listing. Here’s further detail for each finish type:

    MATTE: I fire the clay along with dark highlights to provide dimension and texture without an additional glaze on top of the clay body. This exudes a raw earthy look without any shine.

    GLOSS: After firing the clay with dark highlights, I add a clear high shine gloss to the piece and then fire it one more time.

    SHEEN: After firing the clay with dark highlights and hand rubbing with additional color, I finish the piece with a clear coat that provides a light sheen rather than a high gloss.