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  • Hug (Ceramic) Assortment of 5 Pieces and Gift Cards

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    This listing is for an assortment of 5 ceramic hugs (or more)! Hugs are sold in increments of 5 so if you want more then just increase the quantity noted in your purchase (qty of 1 = 5 pieces, qty of 2 = 10 pieces, qty of 3 = 15 pieces, etc.)!

    All of my hugs are between 1.25"-1.5". Each hug is created by hand and is a ONE-OF-A-KIND PIECE OF ART created from a piece of clay, hand textured, kiln fired, hand painted, kiln fired again, hand painted again, sanded, and then finished with a protective clear coat. Makes me tired thinking about it! Obviously a labor of love and I love the idea of hugs being mailed all across the universe! Each hug is attached via an adhesive dot to a small gift card enclosure (front cover shown and there is room inside to write on if you choose) for easy mailing. Just insert it into a standard mailing envelope and ship via USPS. It should ship across the U.S. with only a single 55 cent stamp but taking it to the USPS counter is the best option to ensure a few more cents aren't necessary. (Sorry...candy not included!)